Golden Canary Presents its New Mission

In 6 more days it will be a year since Golden Canary was born. What initiated as a hobby for brothers Alejandro and Miguel to “make some bucks” has transformed into a passion to create value for customers and the environment. In other words, what began as an online business to sell miscellaneous products is now a brand that focuses specifically on Authentic Copper Rain Chains, an item that creates a positive impact in the world.

And what’s this impact all about? Well, copper rain chains are not only a beautiful alternative or replacement for boring downspouts, they’re a unique way to direct rainwater from gutters to a rain barrel or basin for storage and give people the opportunity to reuse it later, thus getting their homes one step closer to sustainability through water conservation.

Many things change in a year and Golden Canary has gone through a process in which it has learned more about its customers and target market. At first, the brand wanted to offer any item that could help it achieve its mission of “Making people’s home their favorite environment”; but founders, brothers Alejandro and Miguel, started to feel there was a vacuum in what they were trying to accomplish.

However, they soon realized they could connect what Golden Canary represents with a new mission that was shaping inside the business thanks to the everyday operation. Canary is a resemblance of nature while Golden is related to copper’s shine and eye-catching color when the rain chains are new, as they develop a patina over time.


So in order to celebrate the brand’s first anniversary, Golden Canary is proud to present its new mission, a statement founders consider describes best what their business’s purpose is: “Make Water Conservation a Spectacle”. They truly believe their copper rain chains are a great way to conserve water, as they look beautiful, give people’s home a unique touch, and create a visual and acoustic spectacle when water travels down the chain. There’s no reason for people not to want one, it will enhance their home decor and aid in storing rainwater for reuse, thus Making Water Conservation a Spectacle.