A copper rain chain is a beautiful alternative to a downspout from the guttering on your home. But there is more to a copper rain chain than just aesthetics. There are many reasons why you may wish to choose a copper rain chain.

Let’s take a look at 3 main reasons:


1. The not so obvious: Energy Optimization

If you do not already harvest the rainwater from your roof then you are really missing a trick. Water is a valuable resource. Water bills may be costly and even if they are not, collecting rainwater is still a sound choice – not least because of the benefits to the environment.

Mains water brought to your home through public infrastructure has had to be treated and processed and all that takes energy to do. All that energy use is bad for the environment; or you could simply affix a barrel to a plastic or metal downspout, but those use a lot of energy to manufacture too.

In the case of plastic piping, there is also the problem of how to dispose of the non-biodegradable material at the end of its life.

On the other hand, copper rain chains will age beautifully, developing a lovely patina, and will last far longer than chains or downspouts made of other materials.

2. Rainwater VS Tap Water 

Rainwater is a free resource that you can use to water your garden. In fact, a copper rain chain will make it easier to harvest and collect that rainwater and bring it to where it is needed.

If you’ve ever wondered about using rainwater rather than tap water in your garden, there are a number of reasons why it’s better to use rainwater.

  • Tap water, depending on where you live, can have a number of different impurities.
  • Treatment chemicals, pharmaceuticals, salts and minerals found in tap water can build up in your garden soil over time and can be detrimental to the health of your plants.
  • Rainwater contains none of those impurities – in fact, it contains only organic elements that will help your plants to thrive.

3. Copper’s Antimicrobial Properties

While all rain chains can help you to harvest rainwater for the good of the environment and your garden plants, copper rain chains have unique benefits related to the material from which they are made.

Copper has been shown by scientists to have some useful anti-microbial, (anti-bacterial and anit-fungal) properties. As the copper rain chain passes the rainwater downwards from your roof, it will be subtly filtering and removing impurities from that water due to the qualities of the copper surface as they develop their beautiful greenish patina over time.

This means that you can water your edible crops safe in the knowledge that you are using pure and unadulterated water, all thanks to your copper rain chains!

Of course, there are many more reasons why copper rain chains are a good idea. The beautiful sound as rain is channelled down them, the visual appeal, these are all additional reasons to fit one of these to your home.

Check out Golden Canary’s beautiful rain chains today to continue on your journey to a healthier, happier and more sustainable way of life.

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