As a passionate homeowner, you’ve probably struggled to incorporate natural elements into your home decor. It can be tough to harness nature in a unique way that differentiates your home from those of your neighbors.

But did you know that something as simple as rainwater can add a unique, elegant touch to your home?

You can capture the powerful, natural beauty of rainwater in an unexpected way. All you have to do is make one easy addition to your home.

Read on to discover a simple, yet awesome way you can use rainwater to enhance your home’s appearance.

We know what your home means to you.

We’re proud homeowners who believe there’s no better first impression than having a beautiful, neat house.

If you’re like us, you know that one of life’s greatest pleasures is having a home where you feel comfortable and confident.

You probably agree that size isn’t the only factor that enables our homes to impress. The beauty is in the details.

And what better opportunity than using water, nature’s most fascinating element, to enhance the details that make your home beautiful?

The thing is, you have to do it right.

Water can be used for breathtaking decor — but it can also be destructive.

For example, you’ve probably seen houses with stained walls from rainwater. That’s definitely a turnoff, not to mention a big value killer if you’re trying to sell or rent your house.

And if your home is multi-story or tall, you probably know the irritating splashing sound of rainwater uncontrollably hitting the ground, which is only a minor issue compared to the soil erosion caused in your garden or landscaping.

If you’re going to address these issues, adding another downspout won’t win you many compliments. Downspouts may serve their purpose, but they don’t do it gracefully.

The trick is to be different, original.

Here’s a simple way to get the most out of rainwater and incorporate nature into your home decor.

IMG_1206aOne of the most common ways people collect rainwater is by using rain barrels.

You can find these barrels at your local home improvement store or online, or you can even build one for yourself. The main purpose of the barrel is to collect rainwater that would normally run from your roof directly to the ground.

But how do you direct that water to the barrel?

The traditional way would be through a downspout, but you’re trying to be unique and give your house a new, gorgeous look.

This is where rain chains come in!

Rain chains have been adding natural beauty and practicality to buildings for many years.

IMG_1212aRain chains can be tracked several hundred years ago to Japan, where they were used to transport rainwater from temple rooftops to ground level. The rainwater was stored in large barrels and underground containers for reuse.

Now you can use exactly this same method, which is so effective and aesthetically appealing that it hasn’t changed much since the Japanese introduced it hundreds of years ago.

You can boost your home decor in a unique and beautiful way while storing rainwater for reuse. It’s the ultimate combination of beauty and practicality. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment through water conservation!

We’re proud to introduce you to Golden Canary’s Copper Rain Chain!

Imagine the relaxing experience of enjoying nature in your own house and the confidence you’ll get when you receive compliments on your home’s beauty.

You’ll get all that and more with the Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain. With this time-tested, elegant home accent, you can:

  • GIVE YOUR HOME A UNIQUE TOUCH with IMG_1207athe pure copper cups on Golden Canary’s Rain Chain, which over time will develop a breathtaking patina while beautifully directing water from your roof to a rain barrel, basin, or garden. Forget about the annoying splashing noise of water traveling through the downspout. 
  • ENJOY THE SOOTHING SOUND OF WATER AND TINKLING DROPS running down the pure copper chain. Add or remove length according to your needs with extreme ease to provide a soft landing and avoid soil erosion and stained walls. (8 and 6 feet versions available!) 
  • HAVE THE SATISFYING EXPERIENCE OF A DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECT. Enhance your home in minutes with the gutter adaptor, which makes for a quick, easy installation of your Golden Canary Rain Chain. It comes with a hanging “V” hook that sits directly in the gutter hole.Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.01.45 AM
  • USE WATER MORE EFFICIENTLY around the house. Rain chains help you store excess rainwater so you can use it wherever and whenever it’s most needed.

With our elegant Rain Chain adorning your home, you’ll look forward to the rainy days. And even under perfectly clear skies your house will still stand out from all the others, thanks to the beautiful copper cups that make up our chains.

Even though our focus is on creating the best rain chain money can buy, we offer much more than just a top-quality product. At Golden Canary, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction.

In fact, you can hear the satisfaction in our customers’ own words.

“We enjoy our rain chain and with all the rain we have here in the Pacific Northwest we get the best out of it almost every day. It was very easy to install of a very good quality.” – Sequim1936

Love this rain chain! It’s exactly as described. It came earlier than expected and the seller has sent a note making sure the chain was received and all is ok.” – Judy

“Great quality and price. Gave to my parents as a gift, they really like it. Very pretty.” – Jenbar

“I needed to get a gutter on my garage in my newly purchased home (vintage 1929) in California (we’re having a blessedly wet drought here this year). I thought the rain chain would be superior to a down-spout and I was absolutely right. It’s pretty. I didn’t anticipate that it would make the whole “put up a gutter” thing so much easier but it did. We got the top gutter up and then simply hung this chain in and VOILA! All done!!

I was a little worried that it wouldn’t do a good job, throwing water on the walls and missing the rain barrel in the torrential rains we’ve been getting but it works like a champ! Finally – do make a point of measuring how long you need it. They have a 6′ & 8′ one. Mine happens to be perfect for hanging over my rain barrel, but that was blind luck.” – Astrid

“You have to be careful when buying copper rain chains. Some say in the title they are copper but when you read the description, they are not solid copper. They are painted or lightly coated with copper. These are the real deal. Once they’ve been hanging awhile, they will turn this beautiful patina. Highly recommend them.”
 – W. Toro

“Looks high end. Exceeds expectation. Seller provides full instructions and values trust and customer care. Top notch experience.” – Elizabeth A. Allen

You can enjoy the beauty of the Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain knowing that you’re backed up by our 365-day money-back guarantee.

If the Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain doesn’t perform according to your expectations, we’ll be glad to give you a refund. That means your purchase is absolutely risk-free!

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Now is the time to give your house that unique look you’ve only dreamed of.

It’s time to do something different, to stand out in the neighborhood.

Ditch the disruptive sound of water traveling through the downspout and transform it into the soothing sound of a waterfall running down the beautiful patina-covered copper cups — a sound that will let you experience nature at your home like never before.

Just allow yourself a couple minutes for installation and you’ll be ready to let our Copper Rain Chain transform your home.

All it takes is a couple minutes to elevate your home’s decor and start getting compliments from visitors and neighbors!

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